• There is no fee for entry and no purchase is required to participate in this competition
  • Each founder may enter one company into the competition
  • Entries must be the original work of entrants and the submission must be received prior to the posted deadline
  • Entrants must accurately disclose the current stage and any funding already received at the time of submission
  • Eligibility requirements can change at any time with or without notice
  • The Judging Panel reserves the right to disqualify any entry for any reason
  • Any material submitted for this event can be used by Organizer, Sponsor, and Judges for purposes of promoting the event, social media/newsletter content, or any other promotion.  This content can be used indefinitely with no compensation or restrictions.
  • By submitting an entry, you understand that your pitch will be posted on a public facing website, and you run the risk of a competitor or other party viewing your submission.
  • By submitting an entry, you agree to waive all liabilities on the organizers, sponsors, and judges.
  • All decisions on the eligibility of an entry is made by the organizers and they are final and cannot be appealed.

How it Works

  • Each company must register their submission on’ s Contest Submission page
  • A valid submission must include all required fields including the following: Founder, Company Overview, Presentation deck (either an investor deck or a customer presentation deck are acceptable).  Submission of an entry means that every founder has read and agrees to the rules as posted.
  • Voting is open to anyone who is a subscriber of the PropTech Future Blog (an active email address is required).  Each voter will be able to cast a single vote for the company that they believe best meets the objectives as outlined for the competition.
  • On August 30th, all registered subscribers of the PropTech Future Blog will receive a voting form emailed to their registered email address.  They will have until 11:59pm EST on September 3rd to cast their vote by completing the voting form by selecting their top choice.  
  • Companies who submitted entries are encouraged to promote their submission.  However, they are not permitted to create voter profiles for the purpose of adding more votes to their submission, encourage others to create additional vote profiles for the purpose of adding more votes to their submission, or incentivize any party to vote for them with anything of value – including product discounts or promotions.  Any company suspected of doing this will be disqualified at the sole discretion of the organizer.
  • The 3 companies that have collected the most votes at the conclusion of the voting period (September 3rd at 11:59 EST) will advance to the Virtual Event.  Organizers reserve the right to select up to 3 additional Sponsor nominations which will qualify those submissions to present at the Virtual Event Finals.
  • The Virtual Event Finals will take place on September 14th at 10:00am EST via a Video Conference Platform (link to follow).  Each finalist will be given 6 minutes to Pitch their submission to the panel of judges.  The 6 minutes will be broken down into 2 sections: 4 minutes to pitch / 2 Minutes for judges questions.  At the end of the pitch, each judge will provide feedback on all submissions and cast 1 vote.  The winning submission will be the one that receives the most Judges’ Votes.  In the event of a tie, the Organizer and/or Sponsor will cast the deciding vote.  
  • The event will be open to all subscribers of the PropTech Future Blog.  The Virtual Event will be recorded, and everyone who attends gives full permission for the recording to be used for any purpose by Organizer, Judges, and Sponsors.


  • The finalist will receive a prize package which will be announced prior to the Virtual finals within 20 days of the end of the contest.  All finalists will also receive promotion from PropTech and the Future of Real Estate.  Prizes can change prior to the final voting and the actual prize will be posted on the competition website. Winner is responsible for all local taxes/fees as required by their locale.   


  • Although this competition may provide a venue to promote your company to a variety of Investors, there is no investment that is implied by organizers, judges, sponsors, or participants.  If an investor expresses interest investing in any submission, that investor will reach out directly to the company that they are interested in.  PropTech and the Future of Real Estate plays no part in any investments whatsoever.

 Additional Info

  • Every party that registers to participate in this competition will be signed up for a complimentary subscription to the PropTech and the Future of Real Estate blog and other promotional information.  There is never a cost to receive the newsletter and you can opt out anytime by selecting the unsubscribe link on each newsletter.  Registering for the competition grants the Organizer, Sponsors, and Judges the right to contact you via email, phone, social media or any other communication platform.